Who is Mental Health America?

When we are first diagnosed with cancer – whether it’s liver cancer, prostate cancer, or breast cancer – a healthcare provider may recommend that we get in touch with the American Cancer Society.  If we have arthritis, our rheumatologist may suggest we connect with the Arthritis Foundation. These groups don’t perform medical tests on us, […]

Violence and Mental Health

I am often asked about violence and acts of violence as it relates to mental illness. Hollywood has done wonders to strengthen and bolster the stigma associated with mental illness.  With no sensitivity to people who have a mental illness, Hollywood regularly portrays patients “escaping” psychiatric hospitals (“insane asylums”) to violently attack people.  In recent […]

Redirection Using Activities

Recently I was asked to help a caregiver find activities for her loved one. She stated that it sounded so simple and a terrific idea but had no real idea how to get started. Here are a few suggestions that I made to her and where you can begin. First, make some notes on what […]