Camille Carter, MEd

April 23, 2019

Case Manager

Camille Carter is a case manager for unaccompanied minors seeking asylum or other refuge in the United States. She visits the home of the minor and his or her family after the minor has been reunified with a sponsor. Camille ensures that the minor is safe, and the family has what it needs to be successful. Camille also conducts home studies prior to the minor’s release from a shelter to make sure the home is safe for the minor. Some examples of things she does while she is working with families include helping enroll the child in school, finding free or low-cost medical and mental health services, and completing forms to send to immigration court if needed. Camille has her master’s degree in education and TESL certification from the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute. She has worked with immigrants since 2010 by helping with literacy and teaching ESL. Camille enjoys traveling whenever possible, especially to Latin America, spending time with loved ones and taking hikes.