Our Team

Meet the team of dedicated professionals serving Middle and West Tennessee.

Meet the Team Courtney Hatfield
Courtney Hatfield, CPA
Executive Director
Meet the Team Amber Hapmton
Amber Hampton, LMSW
Senior Director of Program Operations
Meet the Team Joanne Perley
Joanne Perley, MPH
Director of Data & Development
Meet the Team MHA placeholder
Lora Devine
Director of Finance
Meet the Team Camille Carter
Camile Carter, M.Ed.
Multicultural Outreach Regional Supervisor
Meet the Team Zakeria Clark 1
Zakeria Clark, M.S.
Erasing the Stigma Youth Program Supervisor
Meet the Team Nitzia Day 1
Nitzia Day, M.A.
Family Support Coordinator
Meet the Team Dinorath Guzman
Dinorath Guzman-Cruz, BSW
Family Support Coordinator
Meet the Team Fiona Hoehn 1
Fiona Hoehn, MPH
Mental Health First Aid Coordinator
Meet the Team Chance Littrell
Chance Littrell, MA
Zero Suicide Director
Meet the Team MHA placeholder
Olivia Oros, B.A.
Family Support Specialist
Meet the Team Denisse Ramirez 1
Denisse Ramirez, BSW
Family Support Coordinator
Meet the Team Chelsea Swanson 1
Chelsea Swanson, MSW
Program & Operations Assistant
Meet the Team Sarah Thomas 1
Sarah Thomas, LMSW
Zero Suicide Coordinator East Tennessee
Meet the Team Sarah Weyhmuller 1
Sarah Weyhmuller, MPH
Marketing & Communications Manager
Meet the Team Lynn Wood 1
Lynn Wood
Certified Dementia Specialist Caregiver Support Coordinator